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Former Chinese international professional audio • Light • Music and Technology Exhibition Fair Events 2014

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About China International Audio • Lighting • Music and Technology Exhibition - China professional audio, lighting , music and technology industry 's largest and most prestigious trade show , but also the world 's second big collection of exhibitions, conferences , lectures and seminars comprehensive industry event. This year, the Chinese international professional audio, lighting , music and technology exhibition (PALM Exhibition ) strong return again to enter the twenty-third , and will be held in China International Exhibition Center ( New Venue ) 2014年26 to 29 May opening . This is an industry professionals to meet , exchange and get the latest industry developments excellent platform for information , not to be missed .

Grounds must visit - the last exhibition covers an area of ​​110,000 square meters PALM successfully attracted 1,100 exhibitors from 37 different countries and regions , and more than 50,000 visitors from 76 different countries. PALM Exhibition is organized by China Entertainment Technology Association (CETA) co- hosted , CETA is the authoritative China Entertainment industry representative organizations , the dominant economic and technological development coordinator CETA industry. Through the strong support of the Association , PALM exhibition became the Asian region and international industry professionals and buyers in depth the perfect platform for the Greater China market .

Highlights -2014 PALM special exhibition will offer a range of exciting activities during the show , the entire show will be more enriched , the audience will leave good memories.

Activities include :

- Outdoor Line Array demo Experience

Outdoor activity is linear presentation experience audio performance class exhibitors demonstrating the technical performance of the PA sound reinforcement speaker system arena , but also the platform for the majority of visitors experience outside the status quo array technology development .

- Buyer - Seller social dinner

In addition to the exhibition held during a series of exciting and colorful activities , PALM exhibition will also be held in a buyers - sellers social dinner , through this activity , visitors from different countries and regions around the world , especially in emerging markets such as Latin America the audience can recognize regional exhibitors, exhibitors around the world not only international brands , but also local businesses.

- Awards Presentation Ceremony

To encourage exhibitors to respect intellectual property rights , intellectual property protection , and guide entertainment equipment industry product innovation , China Entertainment Technology Association (CETA) decided to launch the 2014 Annual PALM Exhibition Exhibitors Award winning intellectual activities and products Technology Progress Award contest .

- Events / Shows

 audio and video system integration features galleries
 China International Entertainment Technology Forum
 Intellectual Property Award Winning Products and Technology Progress Award and Award Presentation Ceremony
 line array speakers live demo experience zone
 musical culture corridor
 CETA information exchange, trade fair
 online business matching service
 PALM EXPO β3 Band Competition ( Finals )
 PALM EXPO China Acoustic Guitar Competition
 PALM EXPO buyers - sellers social dinner
 Seminar
- Traffic

In order to better serve our audience , PALM exhibition organizers will offer you a free shuttle service to carry out during the three days , there will be more than five bus lines to and from the new International Exhibition Center , to provide viewers with the greatest convenience.

- Dining

There are major fast food outlets McDonald's, Subway, Yoshinoya and covers a variety of cuisine restaurants around the new International Exhibition surrounding , numerous dining options , very convenient.

- Registration

Pre-registration will be open to visit in late March , then, please visit the official website for the latest information, visit China registered the largest and most prestigious professional audio • Light • Music and Technology Exhibition !

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